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A Time To Laugh – Why Humour is the Best Medicine

It is 2021 and I am tired of watching all the depressing news out there. We are almost at the one-year anniversary of our first lockdown and we are currently in another one. In the beginning it was easy to find things to do and be entertained in the house, now it is getting a little boring. The problems that we were having are just amplified by the situation.

When I look back at 2020 its not the boring evenings or the overly stressful days that I remember. It is the time that I did get to laugh with others even if it was via zoom or the telephone. How can we laugh in the midst of what is going on right now?

Humour is still the best medicine. According to the Mayo Clinic, when it comes to relieving stress the more giggles there are the better. The short term affects of a good laugh is that it induces physical changes in your body. It stimulates your heart, lungs and muscles which increases your endorphins. It also activates your stress response by increasing and decreasing your blood pressure. This results in a good relaxing feeling. The last short-term result is that it can stimulate circulation and muscle relaxation which will help reduce physical symptoms of stress.

Now here is where it gets interesting in the long-term results of laughter. It can improve your immune system! All of us need a boost to that right now. This happens because positive thoughts release neuropeptides that help fight stress and potentially more serious illnesses. Laughter also relieves pain as it helps the body release natural pain killers. Another long-term effect is that laughter increases personal satisfaction with life making it easier to cope with difficult situations and easier to connect with others. Lastly, it helps improve your mood by decreasing the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

So, the questions isn’t how can we laugh right now it is how can we not be laughing right now?

Sometimes it is hard to find things that are funny because we are stuck in negativity. Start collecting for yourself opportunities to laugh. Find funny movies or books. Include funny sites in your google searches. Then turn around and share the gift of laughter with others by passing on the funny jokes that you find with friends so you can laugh together.

I am not taking this lightly (ha!). It is time for us to laugh together. Therefore, we have decided to reach out to the community to provide a night of comedy to help boost our spirits because it is time for us to laugh. On Thursday, February 4 at 7 pm we are hosting Timmy Boyle as he performs his stand-up comedy act. You are invited!

This night’s purpose is to boost everyone’s endorphins and help reduce the winter blues. Get your free ticket today by registering here.

I look forward to laughing with you,

Registered Psychotherapist

519-601-HELP (4357)

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