It's Time to Laugh!

Timmy Boyle Live Online

Thursday, February 4 at 7pm

Timmy Boyle Fulll PROMO 2020.jpg

Receive a little laughter for the soul...and some candy for the eye!
Timmy always satisfies and is simply...Classic!

Since being featured as an all-star on the 2007 “Comedy Tournament” CD Timmy Boyle, having established himself as one of the fresh must see stars of comedy, has received rave reviews for his unique comedy styling, as emcee or headline act, at various events in Canada & the U.S.

With comedic influences such as Bob Newhart & Jack Benny, Timmy strives for a classic experience. While rocking the suit and nursing a glass of orange juice, Timmy kicks it old school as he shares his hilarious perspective of himself and the world around him with a unique blend of casual story-telling and passionate commentary that has brought laughter to audiences on both sides of the border.


Committed to providing high-quality comedy experiences without the rude & crude, Timmy’s live show is designed for all...regardless of age, race, gender or even religious belief. 

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