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Improving your Energy Levels

You wake up, hitting the alarm and tell yourself just a few more minutes. Then you grudgingly get out of bed and look back at it longingly. It feels like it doesn’t matter how much sleep you get, you crave more. Your energy level doesn’t seem to rejuvenate and you go dragging off to work, hoping that no one will notice. Energy is a fact of life, we need it to function well in our daily lives with our relationships, work and hobbies. If we do not feel refreshed and relaxed with our energy levels renewed then everything starts to be affected from mood to our activities. How can we increase our energy levels?

The first thing to do is to get a physical at least once a year. We always need to double check that it is not a physical ailment that is causing our difficulties. Blood pressure or blood sugar are very silent but if they get out of whack then they can quickly affect our bodies and minds. These are not the only physical issues that can cause exhaustion so staying on top of your health is very important to improving your energy levels.

Next it's time to check your mental and emotional health. There are times when you have a special project at work or a major life event like weddings, funerals or moving that you are naturally expelling more energy so give yourself a little latitude and understanding that it is just for a little while. But if it lingers longer than the project or the unusual life moment then it is probably time to take it more seriously. As according to research, over periods of time, stress can kill you.

During our day we are constantly either draining or filling our energy tanks. The report you have to write for school or your boss is probably a drain while other activities in your day are enjoyable or challenging in a way that rejuvenates you even if it is just for a moment. This is because we have 4 different types of energies - cognitive, emotional, spiritual and physical. They work just like a gas tank so if you have a problem that is stimulating while challenging you it probably gives you a boost of energy when it is done and when you have something that is overwhelming or boring it probably drains you down. One way to improve your energy level is to start monitoring what drains and what fills you. Then adjust your day so that the things that drain you are cushioned on either side by an activity that will fill you.

Activities that will fill you will depend on you as someone who loves reading will get a huge fill from reading a book while someone who hates reading, it will drain them down. If you don’t know what fills you, start paying attention to your daily activities and start asking yourself how you feel in the moment. You’ll quickly start formulating a list but if you need help making a list, here is a cheat sheet for you. At HELPPS, we have compiled a list of 357 activities that people have told us they have utilized to rejuvenate themselves.

If you’ve checked your physical health and tried to change up your daily routine and you still feel exhausted and have trouble motivating yourself, it is time for you to get a mental health check up. These are simple meetings with a psychotherapist and they ask you about your life including your stresses and joys and then they give you a recommendation on ways to improve your energy level. If needed they continue to work with you until your health has improved. Because you’re worth finding out the solutions to have a great enjoyable life.


Registered Psychotherapist

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