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4 Tips to Overcoming Depression

The summer is almost over and that increase in vitamin D did not do it for you this year. You still find yourself with low moods and think to yourself, its summer I'm supposed to feel like myself again. With September upon us it is time to take action to make sure you are ready for the busyness of the fall.

Here are some tips to help you overcome depression.

  1. Physical I am thinking the same thing you are: ugh! here comes the exercise. You are right as taking care of our physical health helps keep us mentally healthy as well. Getting regular exercise, eating regular healthy meals and taking time to get enough sleep on a regular schedule will help regulate your body’s natural chemicals and help you stay in control of your emotions.

  2. Social I hope our next category perked you up a little cause it’s time to party! Staying socially active in the summer is easy. Just call up your friends and family or try a new social activity. There are plenty of great activities in London, check them out at Tourism London or Meetup. Turn off the TV and spend time with people - talk to your fiends and family, play with your children and pets.

  3. Thoughts Thoughts are tricky, we can be having a pretty good day and all the sudden negative thoughts start racing through our minds. Waking up to someone cutting you off in traffic or another summer storm are minor examples of how environmental factors can switch our negative thoughts on. There is also our own self-esteem and other people’s behaviours which can contribute to it. So how do you switch from negative to positive? Start noticing the positive things around you - your own abilities, talents, gifts, or the sun coming out, your child’s hug, or that you have food on your table and a nice comfy bed. There are so many blessing around us that we just simply miss because we are busy and do not take the time to stop and appreciate them. Let’s all take a deep breath right now while reading this and think of three things that you are grateful for today.

  4. Spiritual Studies have shown when you become involved in your faith community it increases your overall life satisfaction. Take some time to spend with God and practice your own faith. The amazing thing is that this can easily be combined with the other things on this list as becoming involved with your faith community will elevate your social life, thought process and physical activity.

Sadness, low moods and dark thoughts are often hard to overcome. Don't let them take over your life. Find the help you need and learn ways to laugh again.

Registered Psychotherapist

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