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How to get through the day when you’ve got nothing left…

Some days you get out of bed and you’ve got nothing left… that’s if you make it out of bed. You’re looking at another day that looks a lot like yesterday and looks a lot like tomorrow, in fact which one is it? All you’re sure of is you’re going to have to get through it one way or the other, and there’s a dog, kids and your other half and a boss all looking at you for answers and a bowl of good cheer before they even lay eyes on you. I’d try and tell you it’s not the end of the world, but it might be, so how are we going to get through days like this?

Don’t Pull the Pin

Well, for a start, this isn’t the day to make any big decisions. From personal experience, going into some of the ‘big topics’ today = dynamite + blasting cap. Sure, stress load will go down but come tomorrow morning there won’t be much left but wreckage, and that’s no solution. So, #1 – stay clear of the big stuff!

Make it Manageable

One great way to make it through these is break it down into small steps. I like to start with coffee. Ah, blessed coffee… Everyone has something. If it’s tea, a muffin or even a cold glass of water - it’s progress! Break it all down into small steps and keep moving. Sometimes there is no way to go around, and you’ve got to go through. Once you get some momentum things are going to feel a lot better.

Do What Speaks to YOU

I try to remember some good quotes and pitch those in with the small steps. If it’s a kitten on a ‘hang in there’ poster that speaks to you, great! Whatever works for you. Spend a few minutes in prayer or silent meditation. This is a key time for positive choices, and you can really decide what’s going to motivate you by what you use to get through times like these. These times are a great opportunity for us to decide who we are and why we do what we do.

Be good to Yourself

Show yourself a little compassion in a time when you’re hurting. If you have something on your plate that’s causing you pain, but you have to get through it, take it a small step at a time. I’m often an advocate of the opposite – rip it off like a band-aid, but that is not always the best solution. Sometimes you have to respect the process and in doing so, respect yourself. On small step after the other…

Lift up Others, Lift Yourself

You might find an act of service or two outside the normal realm of your routine can be a real inspiration to you. Even something small can bring a smile into someone else’s day, and the knowledge of that can bring a smile into yours. Focusing on someone else can get you out of your own head and give you a chance to recharge. It was a wise man that said ‘a change is as good as a break’.

These are some short-term solutions to get you through, and I hope you’ve found some use in them. If you’re feeling this way on a regular basis, we’re here to help. Please get in contact with us or someone in the health care community for assistance. If you’d like to speak with someone here, please visit

John Morris

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