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3 Ways to Deal with Stress

Today I was interviewed by Mike Stubbs of AM980 CFPL about ways to recognized and deal with stress. I thought I would take a moment to open that conversation up a little more because right now we are experiencing higher stress. After weeks of low Covid cases here in London, we now have students back at Western and the numbers have increased. So how to we deal with an increased level of anxiety as a new part of the pandemic starts in London?

Over the years I have cultivated a list of 357 things to do to help reduce stress. These have come from listening to people tell me what helps them. The list has become extensive because everyone has different interests or hobbies. Looking through the list always sparks my interest as it reminds me or prompts me to try something when my stress peaks. Today I am going to focus on three different ways to reduce stress.

Learn a new thing.

Learning helps us rejuvenate our brains. Now that things have moved online there are classes for almost anything easily accessible online and often free. Learn a new cooking technique, a new dance move, learn how to do woodworking, a new language or take a class from the small business center on entrepreneurship. Almost anything you might be interested in, there is a way to expand your knowledge of it.

Do something for someone else.

When we take our minds off ourselves and onto someone else it helps regulate our own moods. If you need an idea to help you think of something to do, it can donate to the local food bank or volunteering for a charity. If you want it to be more focused on people you know try helping your neighbor or friend with a task or sending someone a thinking of you card. Not only will it help your mood, but it might just give someone else that warm cozy feeling that makes their day.

Have some fun.

Most of us have had our social interacts limited and we have lost some of our fun activities. The great thing is that this can involve other people so it can encourage connectivity which will also help reduce stress. Here are somethings to help inspire you to find safe fun things try having a game night with the family, hiking an unknown path, play a game of catch, go on a drive, have a movie night or read a book by your favourite writer. Let your mind wander on your own interests.

Reducing stress does not have to be difficult. It is about rejuvenating ourselves and taking our minds off what is causing stress. This gives us a break and lets our brain relax. I hope this gives you some helpful tips to lower your stress as we face the challenges of what will happen in the coming months.


Registered Psychotherapist

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