Am I Crazy?

April 29, 2016


Isn’t that really what you are wondering?  Am I crazy?  I feel different from everyone else, something must be wrong with me.  I’m not going to dismiss your question or make a joke here.  I know this is a real question for you and its not a joke or something to be ignored.


Being an expert on crazy, I have seen and experienced a lot.  First, when you think you are crazy, its normally a good sign that you are not.  People who are developing a serious mental illness are not aware of reality and therefore do not know that they should question their sanity.  There are several things that might be happening to cause you to question yourself.


What you might be feeling is disconnected.  People can feel so alone and misunderstood that they question their mental health. This is not when you are alone due to a loss or life circumstances such as a move.  This is when you start thinking, I’m alone because I’m so different from everyone else. 


Physical symptoms sometimes can also lead to this question.  Your heart starts to pound, you tremble, shake, start to sweat, feel dizzy and its hard to breathe.  This causes a feeling of helplessness and will often cause people to wonder about their sanity.  Panic attacks happen to a lot of people and generally last only a few minutes. 


Both the feeling of being disconnected or having a panic attack can be reduced through therapy.  You are not alone or helpless.  Take a step towards feeling like yourself again, make an appointment and find relief.




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