3 Tips to Strengthening Your Marriage

February 4, 2016


Its February the month of love!  With that in mind, I thought it was time to start talking about what matters, relationships.  Often in the busyness of our lives we forget that our marriage needs our attention too.  Here are a few tips to improve your marriage.


Make time for each other


Start making your spouse your priority.  I find in my life when things are a priority, I schedule them into my calendar then I automatically remember to take time for them.  Make the time for your spouse by creating an intentional plan to spend together. Be creative!  This could be sitting on the couch together after the kids are in bed or arranging a babysitter and having a date night.    During this time, turn off and hide the cell phones and any other electronic device which could be a distraction.  Spend daily time together in uninterrupted conversation.  Give each other the gift of yourselves and spend time listening, laughing and learning from each other.


Praise each other


Criticism comes too easily for most of us.  We see the task that was left undone or our spouse does something different than we would and we provide our uninvited negative input.  Come on you smiled, you know what I’m talking about.  So let’s fight that inner urge to find something negative and replace it by finding something that your spouse has done that you appreciate.  Then praise them for it.


Make love


Sex is a powerful gift and it is essential to connecting with your spouse.  Let’s face it, if everyone waited till both people in the marriage are in the mood it would not happen.  Make it a priority and get in the mood.  Then repeat.  As sex should be a frequent expression of your love for each other as it helps connect you physically, mentally and spiritually.


I hope these tips help you celebrate your marriage while having tons of fun connecting with the love of your life. 

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