Joy to the World - NOT

January 2, 2016


This time of year we smile and wish people Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Joyeux Noel.  But what if it isn’t any of those things for you this year?  Many of us walk around smiling but on the inside we are just surviving Christmas.  It hurts to get out of bed, to think about bills, the errands, the “right” thing to do to make everyone happy and exactly how are you supposed to decorate when all you want to do is run away?


Breathe…. and again


Take a moment, look around you. Hope.  Its there, its just a little harder to see right now because of what you are going through.  This Christmas does not have to have the right look, the right traditions or the right feelings.  This Christmas does not have to represent your loss but can be the one that signifies the beginning of hope. If you are struggling this year, tell someone.  You are not alone; you just have to let someone in to start on the path to finding your joy again.

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