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The Focus of Our Efforts

Healing is all about the whole person, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  We are striving to create a place that will be able to encompass healing for all the aspects of a person.  Here are some of the projects were working on.  If you want to help break the barriers in mental health care, please check out our Get Involved page.

Ways We Meet Needs

Retreat Center

Life sometimes becomes overwhelming.  Currently the only option for someone struggling is to go to the hospital which often is not the help they need.  Our hope is to build a place where a person can get away from the stress of life and rejuvenate through being cared for physically, mentally,  emotionally and spiritually.  



The services that the retreat center will provide are:  

Personal Retreats: A place to step away from the stress of life. The personal retreat is designed for someone who has become exhausted and needs a place to refuel and rejuvenate.  This retreat has personal counselling, guided relaxation and pampering so you can returned to your life renewed and refreshed.

Marriage Retreats:  Sometimes our relationships become a place of anger or silence.  It needs a reboot so you can reconnect with your partner.   These 7 day retreats are a combination of guided group instruction and personalized counselling.  

Leadership Retreats:  The strain of leadership can take its toll and cause stress and turmoil in your organization.  These retreats are designed to focus on leadership development, team building, and strategic planning while renewing your passion for leadership.

Next Steps in Making the Retreat Center a Reality:  We are currently looking for a property and funds to meet this need.


Belonging sometimes starts with a single cup and a welcoming smile.  The vision for the café is a place where any one can come a have some friendly conversation, read a book, or play a game.  A place to relax and enjoy the company of others.

The services that the café will provide are:  

Friendly Atmosphere:  Where do you go when you need a smile and a cup of coffee?  This will be an open drop in center where people who need to relax, read a book, enjoy some small talk can come.  Because nothing beats a smile to change a bad day.

Activity Nights: People need social.  These activity nights will be designed to help people engage and have fun.  This will include games nights, paint nights, girl's night out, etc.

Next Steps in making the Café available:  We are currently looking for partnerships with other organizations. 

Subsidy for Treatment

Therapy Closeup

One of the main barriers to receiving therapeutic care are finances. Waitlists are long for people needing financial assistance through government programs. We are currently fundraising to provide assistance to those in need.

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The services that the Subsidy will provide are:  

Choice:  A therapist is a personal choice but many people are forced to go to a certain therapist based on the cost.  This fund would be open for people to choose their own therapist.

Accessibility:  This fund will open to anyone who has a financial need that prohibits them from accessing therapy.

How You Can Help Make this Fund Possible:  For this to be possible there is a need for money to fund it.  If you are able to contribute please                   .

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