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The Focus of Our Efforts

Healing, to us, encompasses the entirety of a person—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Our goal is to establish a space that can nurture healing across all these dimensions. Here are some of the projects we're actively pursuing. 

Future Projects

Retreat Center

At times, life can be truly overwhelming. Presently, the sole recourse for those grappling with such challenges is often a hospital visit, which may not always provide the specific help they require. Our vision is to establish a haven where individuals can retreat from the pressures of life and experience rejuvenation through comprehensive care—addressing their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.



The retreat center is committed to offering a range of services, including:

Personal Retreats: A sanctuary to step away from life's stressors, designed for those feeling drained and seeking a space to refuel. Personal retreats feature individual counseling, guided relaxation, and pampering, providing a revitalizing experience for a renewed and refreshed return to daily life.

Marriage Retreats:  Relationships sometimes face challenges leading to anger or disconnection, requiring a reset for reconnection. Our 7-day marriage retreats combine guided group instruction with personalized counseling to facilitate a renewed bond with your partner.

Leadership Retreats:  Recognizing the toll leadership can take, these retreats focus on leadership development, team building, and strategic planning. Designed to alleviate stress and renew passion for leadership, they contribute to a healthier organizational environment.

Next Steps in Making the Retreat Center a Reality:  Next Steps in Making the Retreat Center a Reality: Currently, our efforts are directed towards securing a suitable property and gathering funds to bring this vision to life. Your support is instrumental in making the retreat center a reality.


Belonging sometimes starts with a single cup and a welcoming smile.  The vision for the café is a place where any one can come a have some friendly conversation, read a book, or play a game.  A place to relax and enjoy the company of others.

The services that the café will provide are:  

Friendly Atmosphere:  Where can you go for a comforting smile and a cup of coffee? Our café aims to be an open drop-in center, offering a welcoming space for individuals seeking relaxation, book reading, or casual conversations. Because sometimes, nothing beats a smile to turn around a challenging day.

Activity Nights: Recognizing the importance of social connections, our café plans to host engaging activity nights designed to encourage people to connect and have fun. These events may include game nights, paint nights, girl's night out, and more.

Next Steps in making the Café available:  To bring this vision to life, we are actively seeking partnerships with other organizations. Your support and collaboration are vital in making the café a vibrant and accessible community space.

Subsidy for Treatment

Therapy Closeup

Financial constraints stand as a significant obstacle to accessing therapeutic care, with extended waitlists for individuals seeking financial aid through government programs. Currently, we are actively engaged in fundraising efforts to offer timely and essential assistance to those facing financial barriers in obtaining the therapeutic support they require.

The services that the Subsidy will provide are:  

Choice:  Recognizing that selecting a therapist is a personal decision, our fund aims to empower individuals by allowing them to choose their own therapist. This ensures that the cost does not restrict their options.

Accessibility:  The fund is accessible to anyone experiencing financial constraints that hinder their ability to access therapy.

How You Can Help Make this Fund Possible:  To make this fund a reality, financial contributions are essential. If you are in a position to contribute, please consider supporting this initiative. Your generosity will make a meaningful impact.

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