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Report formatting rules

Each department provides guidelines for the design of papers for a particular specialty. Common to all specializations will be the following requirements for registration:

  • font - Times New Roman, size 14;

  • sheet format - A4;

  • one and a half interval between lines and their absence after paragraphs;

  • counting the numbering from the first page, and it is not affixed to the title;

  • end-to-end numbering in Arabic units;

  • indents: 20 mm at the bottom and top, 25 mm - on the left, 10 mm - on the right;

  • registration of each part of the work from a new sheet.

The study of guidelines and knowledge of methodology on the design of practices will help with write my paper to organize the information in the proper form without any problems .

Practice diary

The practice diary is an integral part of the report. According to this document, the teacher checks the student's activities in practice. In the diary, the student every day notes the tasks that he managed to complete, what difficulties arose, what should be improved to make the work easier.

Filling out a practice diary is quite simple. At the university, the student is given a template in which you need to enter all the manipulations performed in practice. At the end of the diary there is a “Feedback” page , here the leaders of the practice certify the document with their signatures and rate it. After that, the diary can be considered completely completed and handed over to the department along with the main report.

Characteristics for the practice report

The description is written by the head of the practice. This is a certain feedback about the work of the student, about how he coped with the tasks, whether the results of the tasks of the leader were satisfied or not. Here the leader writes about how actively the trainee took part in the process, what difficulties arose and how he solved them.

Protection of the practice report

After the practice is completed, the report is written, you need to protect your offspring. It's pretty easy, like reading a report in front of an audience. If the student attended all the lectures and did not miss the practice, he carefully read the production and information. The student should talk about the skills that they have acquired during the practice and how they will be useful in the future. In order to convey the information most clearly, you can prepare a presentation.

Some writing tips

  • Reflect in the main part not only the name of the organization and its type of activity, but also the name of the director, address, as well as new developments of the company.

  • Do not forget to indicate the position in which you interned and describe the duties performed.

  • Make sure that the internship assignment is signed by the curator.

  • Do not forget to hand over the diary and testimonial about the internship along with the report. The characteristic is compiled and signed by the immediate supervisor, indicating the positive aspects and achievements. How to make a diary, you can see at the service.

  • Do not make general conclusions: these should be your personal judgments based on your experience.

Practice allows the student to feel what awaits him in his professional activity. It is very important to consolidate theoretical knowledge with practical developments. Can't write a practice? Place an order and will help you with writing! This will not only help in your studies, but also set a further vector of movement.

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