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Top tips for shooting video for later transcription of subtitles

Do not use zoom on cameras and especially cameras! Because it often loses quality transcription online for video, as well as more camera shake is visible. If you really want and need to use it - you are welcome, but do not overdo it! Tip 9. Shoot 16:9 video if you have a chance. Videos with 4:3 aspect ratio will have black bars on the sides on YouTube. In fact, there are more and more cool sites these days for converting voice mail to text format document with this format will continue to be more popular. Tip 10: If you take a video longer than 2-3 minutes, don't be lazy to turn off the sound on your phone. Often the phone rings and spoils a very good moment of shooting. Tip 11. Try not to shoot video on the go. If you have to do this, take your time and go slowly, because the camera will make a lot of jerking movements. You will only notice this when you see what you have done Tip 12: Don't stand too far away from the camera. There will most likely be a very quiet sound in your voice (even if there is no other external noise). Tip 13: Don't try to shoot video near a road with cars. The camera is very good at catching their noise. For such filming you need an external microphone, which will hang on your collar. Tip 14. Turn off your computer when shooting video if you hear it making noise. Tip 15: Similarly, you should turn off everything else: air conditioner, fans, etc. Tip 16: Be interesting in your video! Surprise your viewer. Imagine how bored you are with watching the same videos on the Internet? Make your video stand out from the rest. Tip 17: Use different objects as you shoot your video. If you're talking about your new book, show it off. If it's about you can show how you access your site and use media transcription services. If it's about a company, show their products and a booklet.Tip 18. When you talk to the camera, pretend you're talking to a friend. And you're not telling the camera, or visitors to the Internet, but your friend. It really works. A great example can be taken from the movie The King's Speech. In that movie, there was a king who stuttered, but he had to talk to his subjects on the radio about the outbreak of war. And his speech therapist stood behind the microphone and listened to the king as if they were just having a conversation. RELATED RESOURCES: What Do You Know About Bollywood?

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